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Kitchen Designs and Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Kitchen Designs and Trends to Look Out for in 2024

Kitchen designs in Australia started to evolve in the wake of COVID-19, with a renewed emphasis on amenities. Australians were spending more time in the kitchen and as a result, there was a definite shift towards combining innovation with everyday luxury. This trend seems to have continued and is predicted to continue in the coming years ahead.

What are the specific kitchen designs and trends to look out for in the coming year? Read this article to find out.

Kitchen Design Ideas for 2024

According to a Housing Industry Australia (HIA) report on kitchens and bathrooms, an estimated 179,600 new kitchen installations will be completed in Australia in 2024/25. If you’re planning to give yourself the gift of a new kitchen this year, you’re no doubt already thinking about kitchen design ideas. To help you get planning, our talented design team have confirmed some of the biggest kitchen designs and trends to look out for in 2024.

1. Impressive Pantries Now Popular in Modern Kitchen Design

Butler’s pantries and walk-in pantries are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen design. While they may sound similar, they actually serve different purposes. A butler’s pantry is a concealed workstation that is ideal for those who like to entertain. 

It creates a separate space (out of sight) where food can be prepped and dishes washed. In contrast, a walk-in pantry is often fully exposed, but supremely organised. With pull-out drawers, adjustable shelving and wire storage baskets, it’s structured to make evaluating and re-stocking easier.

2. Kitchen Designs Focus on Personalised Minimalism

Minimalist kitchen design has been popular for a while now, but the emphasis in 2024 will be on personalised minimalism. This concept takes the clean lines and clutter-free spaces that are synonymous with minimalist design and couples them with unique kitchen hardware or colour choices that better reflect the homeowner’s personality.

3. Colourful Kitchen Design Trends

A classic white kitchen will never go out of style, but kitchen designs in 2024 are moving away from a stark finish that is devoid of all colours. Instead, Aussie homeowners are incorporating pops of colour in their kitchen designs. 

These come in the form of feature splashbacks or custom cabinetry. Such splashes of colour create a fantastic visual element within the overall kitchen design. By incorporating just one of two colourful elements the result is eye-catching, rather than garish or overwhelming.

4. Sustainable Kitchen Design Ideas

One modern kitchen design trend that promises to endure is a growing focus on sustainability. In response to heightened environmental awareness, a growing number of suppliers and manufacturers are heeding the call. They are now focusing on making eco-friendly construction more achievable and affordable. 

Sustainable kitchen design ideas include installing water-saving and energy-efficient appliances. They may also incorporate the use of eco-certified materials and composting or recycling systems for everyday use.

5. Modern Kitchen Design Incorporating More Natural Elements

More homeowners have come to appreciate the calming atmosphere created by including natural elements in a kitchen design. This can be achieved by pairing timber cabinetry with polished stone benchtops for a more organic mood. Another popular kitchen design idea is the inclusion of vertical planters or indoor herb gardens. These elements add a touch of greenery while also serving a practical culinary purpose (who doesn’t love fresh herbs?!).

6. Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas

custom cabinetry and smart technologies added to kitchen designs for 2024

A hallmark of modern kitchen design in 2024 is the inclusion of smart technology. As technology continues to improve and become more affordable, we expect to see a growing number of kitchen designs featuring smart refrigerators, voice-activated assistants and programmed lighting. This use of smart tech within the kitchen promises to make essential daily tasks easier and more automated.  

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