Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

What Are The Different Kinds Of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware?

Choosing design features for your new kitchen can be an exciting part of the renovation process. But while you may have already picked out what kind of custom kitchen cabinets you want to include, have you given much consideration to your kitchen cabinet hardware? Although it’s often overlooked in the early stages of kitchen design, your kitchen hardware will play a significant role in the functionality and overall style of your kitchen. But what are the different kinds of hardware in a kitchen? And how do you choose the cabinet knobs and handles, which kitchen cabinet door knobs are right for perfect kitchen cabinet hardware to suit your preferred design? 

What are the Different Kitchen Cabinet Hardware? 

Custom kitchen cabinets won’t typically come with hardware included. This is actually a good thing because it allows for a higher level of customisation. When discussing the different kinds of hardware in a kitchen, there are three key elements that most designers and cabinetmakers will have in mind: Handles, hinges and drawer runners. When deciding on what kind of kitchen cabinet hardware you want to include, you’ll need to consider the style, functionality and budget of your new kitchen.  

We’ve gathered various kitchen cabinet hardware ideas to suit whatever kitchen style you’re aiming for, whether you just want to freshen up your area or completely renovate it with new cabinetry.

Before you get started, have a look at kitchen cabinet hardware for some design inspiration:

1. Size And Positioning Of Handles

When choosing handles for cabinets, you’ll want to opt for hardware that works well with your overall kitchen design. A modern kitchen cabinet handles will suit bold and even slightly over-the-top decorative handles, while a Colonial kitchen style is better suited to traditional timber knobs. If you’re trying to create more of a French Provincial or Hamptons style kitchen, then an antique or luxe handle design could be an excellent choice.

Hafele produces a fantastic range of high-quality handles for kitchen cabinets to suit just about any style of kitchen cabinet, from a sleek and slimline profile to ornamental knobs, in a wide variety of colours and finishes. If you’re aiming for more of a minimalist style, you may consider a no handle kitchen cabinets for your kitchen cabinetry. Handless cabinets and drawers operate using a “push to open” mechanism. Blum has created the popular TIP-ON opening system that allows handless cabinets to open smoothly with a single touch.

2. Hinges

Kitchen door hinges may seem like a less important aspect of kitchen hardware, but they play a key role in the long term functionality of a kitchen. The Blum CLIP top range of standard kitchen hinges have been designed for durability and simplicity, making them easy to install and adjust. For those seeking a soft-close design (to protect fingers and eliminate slamming doors), the Blum BLUMOTION hinges have been engineered for a soft-close every time, regardless of how much force is applied. These hinges can be fitted to standard kitchen doors but are also suitable for corner cabinets with bi-fold doors, angled cabinetry and even doors with a decorative profile.

3. Drawer Runners

Traditional kitchen drawers suffer from a basic design flaw – the friction caused by sliding the drawer in and out hampers usability and can even cause the drawers to get stuck. Kitchen drawer runners eliminate this problem and make it easy for even heavy drawers to be opened and closed repeatedly throughout the day. For added customisation, Blum offers a range of different drawer runners, including the Standard (a simple design with high stability), the Tandem (designed for wooden drawers with a maximum load capacity of 30kg) and the state-of-the-art MOVENTO (using the latest technology to achieve a smooth glide even when subjected to up to 60kg of weight). 

Where to buy kitchen cabinet hardware?

Because kitchen hardware is subject to a very high degree of use, it’s important to select top quality Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with a good industry reputation. McColl Cabinetmakers recommend Blum and Hafele brand kitchen hardware because of their proven durability and effectiveness, even after many years of frequent use.

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