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Best Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

Providing boutique kitchen and bathrooms, McColl Cabinetmakers is the specialist kitchen designers Brisbane customers have come to seek and love for almost 30 years. Our professional team has all your custom kitchen and cabinet makers supplies for kitchen renovations Brisbane, and we will manage your renovation from start to finish.

We have built an exceptional reputation during our years as custom cabinet makers and we are available to discuss your kitchen makeovers on your desired budget.

Our Services – Custom Built Cabinet Makers Brisbane

We provide first-class customer service with premium quality products:

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Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Renovations

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Storage Solutions

With cutting-edge 3D design and manufacturing technology at our disposal, we bring your kitchen vision to life with stunning precision and attention to detail. As fully licensed and insured professionals, we prioritise your peace of mind throughout the entire renovation process.

And as a standard inclusion, we provide a dedicated project manager who oversees every aspect of your renovation journey. From initial concept to final installation, we guide you step by step, ensuring seamless coordination and timely completion.

At our McColl Cabinetmakers, we believe that budget shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving your dream kitchen. We offer project budget assistance, working closely with you to optimise your investment and deliver exceptional results within your desired financial framework.

We also do home and bathroom renovations in Brisbane!

Our expertise extends beyond kitchens alone. We are also proficient in bathroom renovations, ready to revamp any part of your home or even transform your outdoor spaces. With our team of skilled professionals and a commitment to excellence, we can help you reimagine and remodel every corner of your abode.

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What to expect when you book with us – Kitchen Renovations Brisbane Cost

We are your one-stop-shop for kitchen renovations of kitchen makeovers Brisbane. Your first step when thinking about renovating your home is getting expert advice about what is possible in your home and quotes to understand what it will cost.

Booking a consultation with us is easy! Here’s how it looks:

  • Use our online booking calendar to choose your time for a FREE showroom visit.
  • Select from our high-quality supplies for kitchen makeovers and cabinet making that suit your budget and home renovation project.
  • Once done, we take care of scheduling and coordinating with all parties involved in the kitchens Brisbane project.
  • We will be providing you with a 3D design to demolition, installation and fit out.

We provide you with a stress-free experience so you can enjoy your new space as soon as possible!

Our Kitchen Renovations Brisbane process

If you are looking to update your kitchen cabinets for a fresh and modern look, you need professionals who understand the need for style and function.

The McColl Cabinetmakers Brisbane team works with you to fully customise your kitchen with the right storage solutions for your lifestyle. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure your new kitchen lasts the test of time with your family.

You have control of your project every step of the way and we provide you with expert advice, guidance and quality craftsmanship for your new kitchen.

Our services come with a project manager as a standard inclusion so you can have a hassle free kitchen renovation for your Brisbane home.

Your Trusted Brisbane Kitchen Renovators for Almost 30 Years

Our first-class, customer-first renovation services on kitchens Brisbane have made us the trusted provider for almost three decades. We have an all hands on deck approach to every kitchen renovation project to provide outstanding service and satisfaction, every step of the way.

The McColl Cabinetmakers trademark service ensures:

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Custom Kitchen Design Brisbane

Expect a customised plan from start to finish, with designs that match your home and style.

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Ergonomic Layouts

Our team of kitchen renovators understand that a kitchen redesign is not just about aesthetics. Comfort, practicality and ease of use and maintenance are significant aspects of every project.

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Quality and Durability

All our kitchen projects are built to last and constructed with premium quality products and materials covered by an extensive warranty.

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Environmentally Conscious

We provide options for eco-friendly materials and finishing choices.

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Versatile Approach

We work closely with you to achieve your unique design and desired results.

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Handcrafted Finishes

From antiquing to glazing to staining to high gloss, we offer top-of-the-line lacquer finishes to match your design needs.

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High Quality Accessories

We only partner with suppliers with the widest range of enhancements to guarantee innovative and eye-catching designs for big or small kitchen renovations Brisbane project.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Find expert designing, planning and installation with customised quotes with a workmanship warranty for all of our kitchen renovations in Brisbane and in any other part of the country that we service.

Brisbane kitchen renovation projects with a team that is highly regarded in the industry are exactly what we offer. Contact us today and let’s start creating the kitchen that you’ve always envisioned.

What is the standard kitchen renovation cost in Brisbane?

The total cost of a kitchen renovation is influenced by factors such as:

  • the size of the kitchen,
  • the materials used,
  • the complexity of the design,
  • the inclusion of appliances, and
  • the desired finishes.

To determine an accurate cost estimate, it is essential to measure the kitchen space and make specific choices regarding materials, finishes, inclusions, and appliances.

According to the annual HIA Kitchens and Bathrooms survey, the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Australia ranges from $22,000 to $40,000. However, it’s important to note that this is a general estimate, and individual projects may fall outside this range..

If you are considering a full-scale demolition and rebuild as part of a standalone project or a complete house renovation, the budget will typically exceed $40,000.

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Tips for minimising disruption during a kitchen renovation

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If you’re someone who prefers to live on-site during a kitchen renovation, the choice is totally yours. And we can make that happen for you with the least stress possible. Here are tips for minimising disruption during a kitchen reno project:

1. Set up a temporary kitchen area

Create a designated space in your home where you can set up essential appliances like a microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, and a small refrigerator. This will allow you to prepare basic meals and beverages while your main kitchen is under renovation.

2. Communicate with your renovation team

Establish open and clear communication us. Discuss your preferences, expectations, and any specific concerns you have regarding the renovation timeline and daily schedule. Regular communication can help address potential issues proactively.

3. Plan ahead for alternative dining arrangements

If your main dining area is affected by the renovation, consider setting up a temporary dining space in another room or utilise outdoor areas, such as a patio or backyard. Alternatively, you can explore meal delivery services or takeout options to simplify your dining routine.

4. Protect unaffected areas

Use protective coverings, such as plastic sheets or drop cloths, to shield adjacent rooms and furniture from dust and debris generated during the renovation.

5. Establish a clear schedule

Work with us to establish a detailed schedule that outlines the different phases of the project. This will give you a better understanding of when specific tasks will be completed, allowing you to plan accordingly and anticipate potential disruptions.

6. Secure valuable and fragile items

Safely store or relocate valuable items, delicate dishware, and other fragile belongings before the renovation begins. This will help protect them from accidental damage during the construction process.

7. Consider noise and dust management

Feel free to discuss noise and dust mitigation strategies with us. We can use techniques like dust barriers, ventilation systems, and work hour restrictions.

8. Establish a designated renovation zone

Clearly define the renovation area to prevent unnecessary access or disruptions from family members or pets. This will help maintain a safer environment and minimise the chances of accidents or interruptions.

Our Brisbane Kitchen Renovations


Yes, McColl Cabinetmakers are fully licenced and insured for all types of kitchen renovations in south-east Queensland. We are Registered Building Practitioners (QBCC Licence No: 61004) and members of the Housing Industry Association (HIA), which is the major industry association for cabinetmakers and builders in Australia.

Your Project Manager will ensure your renovation project in Brisbane is delivered on time and on budget. They will coordinate all suppliers and the entire project schedule to ensure the relevant trades are onsite as required to keep the project moving smoothly. They’ll handle any issues that may arise and will keep you updated about everything throughout your renovation. It does not cost any more to have one of our project managers for your job as it is a standard inclusion for McColl Cabinetmakers.

The average kitchen renovation project is usually completed in two to four weeks. The completion timeframe does depend on how big and complicated the renovation is, the time of year you book in and any lead time required on custom or imported finishes. Book a consultation with us to find out our current lead times and how long your specific project idea will likely take to complete.

Yes! Brisbane homes come in all shapes and sizes and we’ve seen it all in our ~30 years of cabinetmaking. Your home should be as individual as you and we specialise in custom-designed and made kitchen renovation Brisbane projects. Right from the first consultation, we will look to understand if you have a dream renovation style in mind or if you need a helping hand to visualise what would work best in your home. Whatever you need for your renovation, we have the expertise and experience in Brisbane to help you realise your renovation dreams.

Kitchen designs are a personal choice of the homeowner to suit their design taste, lifestyle and how the rest of the house is styled. The most popular kitchen designs we see customers choose time and time again are: Modern kitchen with clean lines and minimalist cabinetry; Industrial kitchen with raw and rugged elements like brick walls and polished concrete floors; contemporary kitchens with a balance of modern aesthetics and and practicality; Hamptons-style kitchen with a relaxed coastal feel and traditional kitchen that uses earthy, rustic and homely elements to create a homely feel.

In many cases, you may need to make alternative arrangements for meal preparation during a kitchen renovation. However, this can vary depending on the scope of the project and the availability of temporary kitchen facilities.

Kitchen designs are a personal choice of the homeowner to suit their design taste, lifestyle and how the rest of the house is styled. The most popular kitchen designs we see customers choose time and time again are: Modern kitchen with clean lines and minimalist cabinetry; Industrial kitchen with raw and rugged elements like brick walls and polished concrete floors; contemporary kitchens with a balance of modern aesthetics and and practicality; Hamptons-style kitchen with a relaxed coastal feel and traditional kitchen that uses earthy, rustic and homely elements to create a homely feel.

Yes, it is possible to change the layout of your kitchen during a renovation. However, structural changes may require the involvement of a building professional and may impact the overall cost and timeline of the project.

Depending on the age and condition of your existing electrical and plumbing systems, it may be necessary to upgrade them during a kitchen renovation to ensure safety and compliance with current codes and standards.

Consider installing larger windows, skylights, or light tubes to bring in more natural light. Opt for lighter colour schemes, such as pale walls and cabinetry, to reflect and amplify the natural light. Strategically placing mirrors or reflective surfaces can help bounce light around the room.

Repurposing or salvaging materials is a great way to add character and sustainability to your kitchen renovation. Consider salvaging and refinishing existing cabinetry, countertops, or flooring if they are in good condition and align with your desired style. You can also explore repurposing materials from other areas of your home or sourcing reclaimed materials, such as reclaimed wood for shelving or vintage hardware for a unique touch.

Our Testimonials

“Absolutely delighted with our new kitchen!! 

We couldn’t go past using McColl Cabinetmakers after seeing what they created in mums new kitchen. 

Billy is amazing, from designing the kitchen exactly how we wanted to having every aspect of the renovations so well organised, nothing was too much trouble. 

The whole team where professional and the quality of workmanship is astounding. 

We will definitely be recommending anyone needing a new kitchen or bathroom to McColl Cabinetmakers. 10/10” 

 Ironbark, QLD 

Darren & Shannon

Geoff and I would like to thank you so much for our beautiful new kitchen and laundry. We truly are over the moon! Installing a new kitchen is always daunting with so many things to decide on and we really just put our trust in you to manage it all.  The project ran so smoothly and the constant communication ensured that we were aware of what was happening at all stages.  Even a trade running slightly late ensured we received a text direct with an update. None of my last-minute changes (love my waterfall) were a problem and each of your contractors were polite, professional and most importantly respectful of the new social distancing requirements and hygiene measures. We will be looking forward to 'showing off' our new kitchen when we are allowed visitors again. Please pass on our thanks to each of your team.

Geoff & Sandra

Could not have asked for anything more with my new kitchen. Corey and the team made the whole process from start to finish so easy. All trades used throughout the renovation were friendly and professional. I would highly recommend McColl Cabinets to anyone wanting professional and prompt service and an outstanding result.

Tony and Gai, Beenleigh

We have used McColl Cabinetmakers on many of our projects now and have found them to be very easy to deal with. Corey is very knowledgeable and very helpful in designing the right kitchen layouts to suit our needs. We have also used McColl Cabinetmakers to build kitchens, wardrobes and vanities, they are always willing to help. The products are always of good quality and the installers are always happy to help adjust their schedules in case we run behind. Nothing is too much for these guys!! Price is fantastic, quality is awesome and communication is over and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them!

Jodie Lamborne

Quite undoubtedly the best service we have ever received. Our new Kitchen and WIP looks amazing and is a dream to be in and has received many jaw dropping "WOWs" from friends and family. Corey was absolutely fantastic from initial consultations to project managing the entire job. Communication was exceptional. We loved that McColls took care of all the required tradies and found them all to be professional, friendly, polite and exceptionally tidy. We were provided with a timeline for all works to be completed and it was spot on! We are still in awe that our renovation has been completely stress free and couldn't be happier with the end result. We highly recommend McColl Cabinets to anyone needing a kitchen, bathroom or cabinetry. Great team, great work, it's a big thumbs up from us. Sincere thanks to you all.

Dave and Steph

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