minimalist kitchen design

How to Achieve a Minimalist Kitchen Renovation

Minimalism is an ideal style choice for a kitchen renovation. It’s modern, highly functional, reduces clutter and looks fantastic. Minimalist Kitchen Design can help even the messiest of home cooks achieve an overall feeling of order and simplicity in their kitchens. And it operates as a blank canvas, allowing you to add touches of your own personality when styling the space. 

However, as with any design style, it’s important to find the right balance. Going overboard with a minimalist style can result in a kitchen that looks clinical rather than inviting. The key to pulling off a minimalist kitchen renovation is to incorporate natural materials, maximise your storage options and avoid cluttered details.

This minimalist kitchen design has been used by many people. If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen, this might be the right option and you can achieve by:

1. Considering how the visual elements work together

Considering how the visual elements work together

A minimalist kitchen is all about a paired back aesthetic – nothing too over the top. However, that doesn’t mean your kitchen needs to look stark or uninviting. A minimalist design favours neutral colours such as soft greys, blonde timbers and polished white surfaces. Be sure to think about how the different visual elements will work together. If you’re concerned the design is too understated, try incorporating a benchtop with subtle marbling or cabinets with a woodgrain finish. It’s also important to consider how your choice of lighting will affect the visual style you’re creating. The inclusion of simple pendant lights can add warmth to a minimalist kitchen design without being overpowering.  

2. Incorporating a kitchen island

Incorporating a kitchen island

A kitchen island can help you to maximise function without having to compromise on your chosen design style. This is because an island bench can conceal everyday kitchen items that are necessary but that don’t support your minimalist style (such as tea towels or salt and pepper grinders). These essential items are kept in an easily accessible location, without being visible. A kitchen island also helps to prevent items from cluttering up on your benchtop. Rather than having your toaster, kettle, coffee machine, Thermomix and knife block all on one bench, the seldom-used items can be housed in the cabinets within the kitchen island. For increased functionality, try adding a powerpoint to the kitchen island so that you can easily operate appliances without having to move them too far.  

3. Opting for custom kitchen cabinetry

Opting for custom kitchen cabinetry

If you want your kitchen to emulate a minimalist style, you must have plenty of usable storage space. The best way to achieve this is with custom kitchen cabinetry. Custom cabinets will not only allow you to make the best use of the available space, but it will also make it easier to include premium storage and design features for improved usability. For example, you could use drawers instead of cupboards in some locations (making it easier to access items stored at the back) or incorporate specially made corner or under-sink drawers. Another great custom cabinetry option for a minimalist kitchen is an integrated bin system (which eliminates the need for a stand-alone garbage bin). 

4. Keeping things as streamlined as possible

Keeping things as streamlined as possible

A streamlined finish is one of the most recognisable hallmarks of a modern minimalist kitchen. You can achieve this by opting for concealed cabinet hardware or handle-less doors or drawers that open with a push mechanism. The sleek lines of a minimalist kitchen can also extend to your choice of kitchen sink – opt for an undermount style sink so that the benchtop flows over the sides for a seamless finish. When choosing sink hardware, aim for products with a chrome or matte finish and a simple, elongated profile to complete the look.