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How To Plan Full Home Renovations: A Step-By-Step Guide

Home renovations can be an exciting project with the potential for spectacular results. However, many homeowners may be unsure where to start. This article should provide you with enough insight to see that reno job through, from start to finish.

Whether it’s a small refresh or a full-on gut job, this step-by-step renovation guide will walk you through everything you need to consider before commencing a home renovation. From budgeting and permits to choosing the right team, this guide will show you how to renovate a house with minimal stress and maximum results.

How to Renovate a House: A Step-By-Step Guide to Home Renovations

So, what is involved in completing a successful home renovation?

Step 1: Evaluate Your Current Space

Start by assessing the current state of your home to identify areas that need improvement. Don’t just think about what looks “old”, but also consider the functionality of each space. Does it suit the needs of your family? Do you wish you had more space? Less space? Better storage solutions? 

If you’re planning to include a kitchen or bathroom in your proposed house renovations, then think about the current layout. Could they be more user-friendly? Are you happy with your current appliances, or do they need upgrading?

Step 2: Look for Home Renovation Inspiration

Take a bit of time to explore home renovation magazines, websites, and social media for design inspiration. Ask friends, family members, or colleagues what features of their own homes they find the most beneficial. You could create a vision board or simply start making a list of ideas for how you’d like the completed project to look.

Step 3: Set Clear Renovation Goals

Establish a clear goal for your home renovation project. Do you want to improve functionality, enhance the aesthetic appeal, or increase the property value? A clear goal now will help you prioritise the various aspects of the house renovation. 

For example, if your goal is resale within the next 5 years, then it’s a good idea to focus on bathroom and kitchen upgrades. If you’re planning on starting a family, you might consider adding more bedrooms or incorporating an additional living space.

Step 4: Determine Your Home Renovation Budget

It’s important to set a realistic budget for your project. To achieve this, consult with a trusted local builder for advice on how much the average full home renovation costs. In addition to an overall budget, you’ll also need to decide how funds will be allocated. Don’t forget to allow an emergency fund for unanticipated expenses.

Step 5: Consult with Design Professionals

At this point, it’s well worth discussing your project ideas with experienced design professionals. A design expert will help you refine your concept to ensure it matches your overall goal and estimated budget. This might include suggesting solutions to potential design issues that you’d never even considered. 

A design professional will help you consider your proposed house renovation plans from all angles, ensuring your completed project not only looks fantastic but is also functional and affordable.

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Step 6: Understand Local Regulations for House Renovations

 following rules and codes for home renovations

Make sure you understand the specific regulations and zoning requirements for your council area. Check for any necessary permits or approvals that you might need for house renovations in your area and clarify any questions now to avoid future delays. At the very least you’ll probably need a building permit, but you may also require a planning permit for extensive works in certain regions.

Step 7: Hire Professional Home Renovations Services

They may be all the rage, but DIY full home renovations often end in (lots of) tears. The reality is, that cutting corners on renovation projects can lead to costly mistakes, as well as wasted time and materials. To ensure your project is delivered on time and within budget, consider hiring professional home renovations services. 

A professional house renovations team will assist you in coordinating tasks, ordering materials and ensuring all work is completed by skilled and licensed contractors to a high quality. Professionals will often include a dedicated project manager for added convenience and peace of mind. Among all the various steps involved in how to renovate a house, hiring a credible contractor is the most crucial element to ensuring a successful home renovation.

Step 8: Establish Your Home Renovations Project Timeline

Collaborate with your team to create a realistic timeline for each phase of the renovation project. Make sure you factor in potential delays (such as material hold-ups or weather issues) and allocate additional time for dealing with unexpected issues (such as the discovery of asbestos or any subfloor/structural problems discovered after the project commences).

Step 9: Select High-Quality Materials

House renovation projects, no matter how small, require some level of investment. Yes, you may be able to save money by sourcing cheap materials, however, low-cost materials come with a caveat. These are more prone to breaking or wearing out quickly, necessitating costly repairs or replacements.

Ask your design consultant or project manager for recommendations on reputable suppliers. Your goal when choosing materials for home renovations should be to find a balance between high-quality products and overall cost-effectiveness. For example, investing in high-quality cabinets (which are very visible) will ensure your kitchen continues to look fantastic for many years to come, while also providing you with functional storage space.

In contrast, spending 10% of your budget on top-of-the-range carpet for the dark hallway upstairs may not be the best use of funds.  Wherever possible, avoid compromising on materials or labour to ensure a lasting and visually appealing result.

Step 10: Undertake Regular Quality Control Checks

When contemplating how to renovate a house, it’s a good idea to implement a system of regular quality checks. These quality control checks can be coordinated by your project manager to ensure each stage of the work is completed to a satisfactory level before the next phase begins. Any issues with materials or quality of workmanship can then be addressed promptly.

This may seem like overkill, but the outcome of your house renovations will ultimately affect how much you enjoy your home. You’re paying for the work to be done by professionals and as a result, you have a right to expect a high-quality finish.

Quality control checks can also provide you with future benefits. If you ever decide to sell your house, potential buyers will be willing to pay more if they know that your beautiful home is built on great foundations, to the highest possible standards.

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