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The Perfect Tips for An Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing quite says “Australian summer” like cooking outdoors. And while we all love a backyard barbecue, there are times when the humble gas cooker just won’t cut it.  This is when a well-designed outdoor kitchen can elevate your alfresco cooking capabilities. Whether you plan on serving up pizzas from a wood-fired oven or creating cocktails under the stars, We use wholly waterproof materials in our Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets. We can fully custom design and make an outdoor kitchen that your family and friends will love.

Here Are The Perfect Tips For Build Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

1. Type

Outdoor kitchens come in a wide array of styles. So, before you get carried away with researching ideas it’s important to decide what type of outdoor kitchen is best going to suit your needs.

To begin with, are you looking for a basic setup to make barbecuing a little easier, or do you want a fully functional kitchen space complete with appliances? The type of outdoor kitchen you choose will have an impact on all other design decisions moving forward, so make sure you take the time to consider this carefully. 

2. Location

While the idea of a gorgeous cabana situated on the far side of a green lawn may sound appealing, keep in mind you may spend your evenings carting dirty dishes across that lawn.

Most people will choose a location adjacent to the main house, purely for convenience. This is also where most outdoor entertaining areas are located, so it’s a logical place for the outdoor kitchen to go. However, if you’re investing in a fully operational kitchen with its own appliances, washing up facilities and dishware, then the proximity to the house becomes less important.

3. Cooking Style

A Diy Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets can incorporate just about any cooking appliance you can think of, but it’s usually best to keep things simple. Are you going to get the most use out of a pizza oven or a charcoal grill? A gas-burner barbecue or a wood-fired smoker? In addition to cooking style, think about how many people you’ll generally be cooking for.

If you’re a fan of big family get-togethers, then you may need more space and bigger equipment than you would if cooking just for yourself and a friend or partner.

3. Climate

If you feel that you’re going to be spending much of the year cooking outside, then it’s probably worth designing a larger space. Also, take time to think about the microclimates you experience within your backyard – do certain spots get too much sun?

Not enough sun? Are corners of the yard particularly windy? These kinds of considerations can help you design your outdoor kitchen for maximum comfort, incorporating windbreaks or added shade as necessary.

4. Materials

You want your outdoor kitchen cabinets to look amazing, not like an afterthought, so try and incorporate design elements that are used within your existing home. It’s also a good idea to utilise materials that are specifically designed for outdoor use and that can withstand the elements during long, hot days and stormy evenings.

Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets include :

  • Tricoya is a fully waterproof MDF product specifically engineered for outdoor applications. Tricoya can be 2pack painted to achieve any colour you can imagine.
  • Compact laminate is a fantastic-looking prefinished material that can tolerate just about anything nature throws at it.
  • Granite is ideal for use as an outdoor benchtop as it looks great, is hard-wearing and can withstand the suns powerful UV rays. 
  • Stainless steel is a great choice for food preparation surfaces because it’s very hygienic, super easy to clean and durable. 

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