4 Must Have Kitchen Cabinet Features for Your New Kitchen

To get you started on the right track, here are 4 must have kitchen cabinets features for your new kitchen:

When it comes to designing a bespoke kitchen, some of the most important decisions you make will relate to the kitchen cabinetry.

Beyond the basics such as colour and finish, kitchen cabinets determine exactly how much storage you’ll have, how easy the area will be to navigate and ultimately, how much enjoyment you’ll derive utilising the kitchen space.

1. Drawer systems

Drawer systems have become incredibly diverse in recent years. Sooo many drawer system choices are available and it is important to ensure you are purchasing a kitchen with quality, easy to use and durable drawers. Drawer cabinets look fantastic, are incredibly useful and maximise storage space.

Not only do they offer a more ergonomic approach to kitchen design, but they also make the most of available space. For example, rather than a single cabinet with 2 shelves (which provides limited shelf space), you could instead have 3 or even 4 drawers contained within the same sized cabinet.

There is even a huge number of drawer inserts systems available for inside each drawer, so, even each drawer can be organized perfectly to suit its intended use. Ask us about the different drawer system features, and how each type differs to ensure the right fit for you.

2. Pull-Out Systems

A flawless kitchen design can be marred by the addition of certain basic essentials. For example, every kitchen needs a garbage bin, but no one really wants to see it squatting alongside your brand new kitchen cabinets. This issue can be resolved by incorporating pull-out systems into the kitchen design.

Pull-out units are highly functional and can be used to conceal garbage bins, paper towel holders or the kitchen spice rack – basically, anything that you don’t want to have out on display.

These pull-out units can make a great addition to any new kitchen as they are discreet, streamlined, ergonomic and can be installed in tight spaces that are unsuitable for other kitchen cabinets

3. Integrated appliances

Integrated appliances have been around for quite a few years now, but more and more are becoming available. Integrated appliances are a great way of hiding an appliance that may otherwise have a negative impact on the kitchen design.

Rather than having your fridge or dishwasher stand out in stark contrast to the rest of the kitchen cabinets, integrated facia panels will conceal these appliances behind a façade that matches the rest of the kitchen. Have a look through your preferred brands integrated appliance range before finalizing your kitchen design.

4. Corner Storage Solutions

Gone are the days when the corner cupboard was largely a waste of space – incorporating corner storage solutions will allow you to effectively use every bit of cupboard space available.

Common corner storage solutions include ‘Lazy Susan’ shelves that pivot on a central axis, blind corner cabinets and Blum corner drawers (which look fantastic and are highly functional).

The best storage solution will ultimately depend on the overall design of the kitchen, so it’s a good idea to consult with a kitchen design expert early on.

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