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27 Expert Small Bathroom Design Ideas

One of the most commonly cited reasons for people planning bathroom renovations in Ipswich, QLD is that their current bathroom feels too small. They’re sick of small toilets or tired of dealing with small baths. So, they decide to renovate the bathroom to create more space. If this is how you feel, then don’t despair. Small bathrooms can be made to feel bigger thanks to clever planning, good design, innovative construction and a few simple finishing tricks. 

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Australia – Bathroom Renovation 

If you’re planning on renovating a small bathroom, try incorporating some of these 27 simple tips to make your bathroom look and feel bigger:

1. Incorporate Neutral Tones

If you’re renovating a small bathroom then try incorporating some neutral or monochrome finishes. Think natural stone finishes, soft greys, classic whites and other minimalist features. A colour scheme with primarily neutral tones will prevent a small bathroom from appearing overcrowded or overwhelming. 

2. The Bigger the Mirror, the Better:

Installing a large mirror is a quick, easy and affordable way to create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom. An oversized mirror, coupled with a light colour palette, will help make your finished bathroom design feel light and airy. 

3. Get Rid of Swinging Doors:

This is a simple design tip that can make a lot of difference when it comes to the functionality of your bathroom design. A swinging shower door requires open space to swing out into. In contrast, a walk-in shower design allows you to save valuable floor space while still creating a modern, functional and stylish design. 

4. Look for Style Features that Double as Space-Savers

When you’re styling a small bathroom, it’s important to look for features and bathroom design ideas for small spaces that will help you to save space. For example, towel hooks take up very little room, come in various styles, and serve a functional purpose. 

5. Don’t Forget About Lighting:

Nothing makes a small bathroom feel more cramped than an insufficient amount of light. So, when planning your bathroom fitout, don’t forget to include plenty of good lighting. Pendant lights look great in a bathroom but consider pairing them with brighter downlights for a bathroom that appears brightly lit regardless of whether it’s day or night.

6. Think About Where You Use Tiles

Bathroom renovators often encourage their clients to tile as much of the bathroom as possible, particularly when it comes to small bathrooms. Why is this recommended? Not only does it look great, but also makes a small bathroom more functional, allowing you to create a “wet room” (eliminating the need to install a shower screen).  

7. Light and Bright Natural Finishes:

If you want to make your renovated bathroom feel as big as possible, then it’s hard to go past light and bright range of finishes. If you’re not a fan of monochrome interior design then try using bright white tiles coupled with pale stone benchtops and blonde timber-look cabinets. Using a range of natural textures in various pale shades will help to create a bathroom that feels light, spacious and refreshing. 

8. Embrace Some Curves:

There’s nothing worse than banging into the sharp corner of a vanity in a small bathroom. Rather than opting for sharp edges on traditionally designed cabinets, look for opportunities to embrace some curves. This could be in the form of a curved corner vanity unit, or even just a vanity benchtop with rounded edges.

9. Make Use of Free Wall Space:

Just because you have a small bath or small toilet space doesn’t mean you can’t include some artwork in your finished design. While it’s important not to go overboard, a few strategically hung prints can add life to a small space, drawing the eye and enlivening the whole motif of the bathroom.

10. Consider Incorporating a Shower Bench:

A shower bench is a great way to add a touch of luxury when you’re renovating a bathroom, and best of all, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. A shower bench also serves a practical purpose, providing a comfortable place for bathers to sit down, without having to install a full-sized bathtub. 

11. Match the Proportions

When choosing bathroom furnishings, try to match the proportions of your newly renovated bathroom. For example, if the bathroom is shaped like a cube, then look for storage units and vanities that mimic the squareness of the room. In contrast, if your bathroom is long and narrow then aim for a slim and elongated vanity. 

12. Install a Frameless Glass Shower

A frameless glass shower is a great way to make a bathroom seem bigger than it actually is. This works particularly well when the wall and floor tiles in the shower continue throughout the rest of the room, creating an illusion of one big space. Additionally, a frameless glass shower adds a touch of luxe to your finished design, making your renovated bathroom feel more like a day spa. 

13.Shower Niches Are A Must Have:

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation in Ipswich then a shower niche should be considered a ‘must have’ design feature. Not only does a shower niche add a touch of glamour to the most basic of bathroom designs, but it will also provide much-needed shelving in the shower or alongside the bath. Best of all, shower niches are incredibly simple and cost-effective to install.

14. Try Adding Floating Shelves:

A floating shelf is a great solution for when you want increased bench space without taking up any additional floor space. For example, if you’ve opted for a narrow vanity, you may find that the sink takes up most of the usable bench space. A floating shelf situated above the vanity but below the mirror will give you somewhere to store essential items. 

15. Add Some Depth To Your Storage

Bathroom Renos present homeowners with an excellent opportunity to add a little depth to their storage options. Discuss with your bathroom renovator the possibility of recessing a mirrored vanity cabinet or even some shelving into the walls of the bathroom. This creates a usable storage space that is cleverly concealed. Bear in mind that these types of features can be difficult to retrofit or add in once the initial framing has been completed.   

16. Let in More Light:

Natural light can work wonders when it comes to making a small bathroom feel bigger. So, when planning your bathroom renovation, try increasing the size of existing windows to maximise the amount of light coming in. Alternatively, you could look at installing a skylight, something that is particularly effective in small bathrooms and small toilets. 

17. Install a Double Vanity with a Single Basin

An alternative choice for bathrooms with minimal space is the inclusion of double vanity with just a single inset basin. A double vanity creates twice as much storage underneath, which is always a bonus in a small bathroom. But by sticking to a single, central basin (instead of installing two basins side-by-side), you also create an abundance of usable bench space. This gives you plenty of room for two people to get ready in the morning without feeling like you’re fighting for elbow space.

18. Remember to Look Up

Our interior design instincts often focus on the parts of the room that are at or below eye height. But this only accounts for half of the average bathroom – so, remember to look up. While you won’t want to place everyday items high above your reach, consider an elongated mirror, hooks for hanging towels or stacked shelving that continues up towards the bathroom ceiling. 

19. Don’t Underutilise Corners:

If your newly renovated bathroom has an empty corner next to the shower or vanity then there’s no reason to leave it underutilised. A small corner shelf can add a touch of additional storage without cutting into your usable bathroom space. 

20. Choose a Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is ideally suited for a small bathroom. It provides much-needed storage space in the cupboards or drawers beneath the sink, but it appears to take up less space because it doesn’t continue all the way down to the floor. Floating vanities have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more people come to appreciate their aesthetic and practical value. 

21. Add a Bright Touch

If your renovated bathroom receives minimal natural light then a bright pop of colour can be a simple way to liven up space. This can be done by incorporating a feature wall, selecting brightly coloured shower tiles or selecting bath towels and accessories in your favourite bold colour. 

22. Try Hiding Stored Items

A small bathroom can quickly start to feel cluttered, even when you’re just storing the basic bathroom essentials. To counteract the clutter, opt for concealed storage spaces where possible, such as a vanity with drawers or cabinets beneath the sink.  

23. Install Fitted Towel Rails

A towel rail that is fitted to the wall is a great way to boost the functionality of a small bathroom. A sleek towel rail not only looks good but also makes the best possible use of clear wall space. A fitted towel rail also eliminates the need for a free-standing towel rack, something that is highly impractical in the tight confines of a small bathroom. 

24. Include Shelving Above Furniture

If you want to maximise the available wall space, try installing shelving above furniture in a small bathroom or small toilet. For example, a shelf can be fitted above a laundry hamper, over a toilet or even directly above a bathtub. 

25. Keep Things Organised:

Shelving is a great way to amplify storage space in a small bathroom, but only when the items on display are kept organised. Incorporating small decorative baskets or stackable boxes is a fantastic way to utilise shelving while still keeping things neat and orderly.    

26. Embrace the Cosiness:

If you have a small ensuite or powder room that you’re planning to renovate, you may feel like there’s no possible way of making the space feel bigger. If that’s the case, your alternative is to embrace the cosiness. Picture dark tiles extending all the way up to the ceiling and smoky stone benchtops fitted above cabinets finished in shades of charcoal or deep brown. The trick to this kind of design is to include a tall and slim mirror (to accentuate the height of the bathroom) and match it with intimate lighting fixtures. 

27. Try to Add More Mirrors

Who said your bathroom is only allowed to have one mirror? In addition to the large mirror installed over your vanity, look for opportunities to add in an extra mirror or two. You could hang a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door or even install a magnifying shaving mirror adjacent to your vanity. The addition of a second mirror will help as much light as possible to reflect within the confines of the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Renovations

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