Handleless Kitchens pros and cons

Handleless Kitchens Pros and Cons

Handleless Kitchens: Pros and Cons of streamline cupboards and draws with no handles in your kitchen

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen or bring some modern and chic style into your home? If so, handleless kitchens might be the answer. 

Features like handleless kitchen drawers and no handle kitchen cabinets offer the same functionality as standard drawers and cabinets without having to worry about bumping your head or knees with protruding handles or knobs — a common gripe with traditional kitchens.

Though handleless kitchen cabinets are a relatively new concept, a lot of homeowners are already considering having them for kitchen renovations. 

Stick with us to know more about your handleless kitchen options.

Why are handleless kitchen doors and kitchen drawers without handles so popular today?

Also known as streamlined kitchens, handleless kitchens are gaining popularity again after they first became fashionable in the 60s and 70s because they are often marketed to appeal to the minimalist tastes of the younger generation.

Their popularity has increased recently due to the introduction of stylish designs and low maintenance options. Some interior designers would even advise you of getting handleless kitchen cupboards as it is currently one of the most in-demand kitchen features.

Handleless cabinet doors are an excellent choice for people who want to minimise the visual clutter in their homes. They offer a modern, streamlined and simple solution to door handles, drawer pulls, and knobs.

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Handleless Kitchens Pros and Cons

To help you out, we’ve come up with the advantages and disadvantages of having a handleless kitchen.


Contemporary look

A handleless kitchen looks simple, functional, and innovative while staying minimalistic. It is also free of superfluous ornamentation which makes it timeless and elegant. On the other hand, the handles of a traditional kitchen often serve as a dead giveaway to the actual age of the kitchen.

Better suited for integrated appliances and modern kitchen accessories

Handleless kitchen drawers are easier to mesh with appliances that are integrated into the kitchen layout. Some modern kitchen accessories like coffee makers and toasters will also go nicely in a visual way with handleless cabinet doors

No dust on handles

Without handles and knobs, there will be no accumulated dust and grime to get rid of. Some handles with very elaborate designs can get hard to clean, and kitchen cabinets no handles takes away this inconvenience.


We all could do without our sleeves catching on knobs, ripping our clothes on handles, or even bashing one’s hip or head on kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer handles. No handle kitchen cabinets and doors can eliminate this hazard for good.  

Opens up space

Small kitchens can look instantly claustrophobic with big handles and knobs on display. A handleless kitchen allows smoother and more seamless transition between spaces and lends a fluid movement throughout the area. 


Can get pricey

Handleless kitchens tend to cost more than traditional ones when you factor in the extra labour involved, the price tags of special hardware, and the manufacturing process. In fact, kitchen drawers without handles can be at least 15% more than those with.

Inevitable smears

An issue with no handle kitchen cabinets is that they tend to have more prominent finger mark smears on push-to-open doors or at the crevice where you slide your fingers to open the cupboard doors. It may even have some dust and crumbs in there.

Hard to use for some 

It could be a challenge to use kitchen cabinets no handles for some people like those with mobility issues who prefer to have handles to hold on to, or for those with long fingernails who find gripping handleless kitchen doors trickier to grip. 

Weigh your handleless kitchens options

Deciding which type of handleless kitchen best suits your home will come down to a handful of factors like budget, design, and personal preference.

Having said that, here are some options for handleless kitchen cabinets you can consider:

  • Soft closing hinges
  • Push open mechanisms
  • Electric mechanisms for electronic doors
  • Finger pulls

You will also have to find a credible and quality kitchen cabinet maker to install these for you.

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