Outdoor kitchen benchtops ideas

7 Ideas For Your Outdoor Kitchen Benchtops

For many Australians, outdoor living is synonymous with summertime fun and BBQs. The concept of getting outdoor kitchen benchtops is appealing to most of us because the outdoors are a great place to entertain friends and family.

It is always a fun experience to prepare food in an al fresco kitchen, especially when you have a functional outdoor benchtop to work on. The environmental conditions outside are of course harsher, thus you need an outdoor bench top that can battle the elements like moisture and dust. It must also be sturdy and durable enough for external use.

Outdoor kitchen benchtop ideas you can try

We’ve said it before: an outdoor kitchen can have a significant impact on your home’s value. Here, we’ll go so far as to say that your outdoor kitchen is just as good as its outdoor kitchen bench. It provides a surface and sufficient space for keeping and organising things, food, and utensils you need to cook. 

We’ve rounded up ideas for outdoor kitchen benchtops that you can explore on your next kitchen renovation project.

1. Strip down to the basics

As you would be hosting lots of guests in this part of the house, make sure that it is as cosy as possible and has options for entertainment. If space permits have a statement kitchen island that is proportional to your kitchen size and ample space for bar stools. You can also add a wall-mounted television, a dart board, or anything to keep guests entertained.

2. Weather-resistant outdoor kitchen benchtops

When picking a benchtop, it’s important to take into account outdoor benchtop materials. They are going to be exposed to outdoor elements 24/7 so make sure they are made of weather-resistant material on top of being functional and easy on the eye.

3. Stainless steel workspace

A stainless outdoor benchtop is a smart choice as it is easy to clean and durable. You can stack a stainless pizza oven on top of it and enjoy hot homemade pizza and bread to go with your barbie.

4. Protect your outdoor kitchen bench from elements

As much as we enjoy BBQ parties during warm weekends, we also have to prepare for the rainy days. A good idea would be to have a hideaway kitchen or a kitchen-in-a-box solution so it is ready and accessible when you need it, protected and out-of-sight when you don’t. 

You can also outfit your outdoor kitchen with a pergola to provide shade and enhance the space visually. Or if you find this option too dramatic, a retractable canopy or a sail shade would be ideal.

5. Keep your food chilled

Endless trips indoors for cold drinks can be a drag. You can install a chiller trough or refrigerated drawers on your outdoor benchtop to keep your cool drinks within easy reach.

Any of these ideas sound like something you want to incorporate into your own outdoor kitchen? Book an appointment with us for expert advice and to get a visual and how these ideas for outdoor kitchen benches would pan out for your al fresco kitchen.

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Bonus: Outdoor BBQ benchtop ideas

Name one Aussie who doesn’ love barbie — zero! Our big backyards come to life when we host BBQ under our enviable summer sun. Especially when people come over with so much to grill up, you ought to have an outdoor BBQ benchtop that can accommodate all the food and the overflowing zest for the outdoors.

6. Gravel pit

First off our BBQ benchtop ideas list is a gravel pit which requires low to zero maintenance. This is great for lighting charcoal, washing grill plates, or marshmallow parties.

7. Taps for cold and hot water

It can get messy cleaning barbecue trays and grills, so best to do the cleaning outside and have taps ready by the benchtop at your disposal.

Got more outdoor BBQ bench ideas that you want to share or turn into a fun project? Let us know how we can help by scheduling a call with us.

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