6 Kitchen Design Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style

Does anyone remember when “mismatched cabinets” was actually a thing? How about brown granite benchtops or dark cherry-toned panelling?

They may have been all the rage at one point, but when these kitchen design trends went out of style, boy did it happen fast! Since no one wants to be remodelling every 3 years, what’s the secret to designing a stylish kitchen that will stand the test of time?

It’s simple: pick some classic kitchen design trends that will never go out of style and then accessorise.

1. Natural Materials

People have been using natural materials in their kitchens since the literal beginning of humankind, so you’ll never have to worry about this look appearing outdated.

Whether you opt for stone benchtops, timber flooring or some gorgeous woodgrain cabinets, these natural materials help to give your kitchen texture without taking over the whole design. 

2. The ‘Subway’ Tile

You may be unfamiliar with the name, but you’re definitely familiar with the look. The ‘Subway’ tile is a thin, rectangular tile that has been gracing walls for over a century. Subtle, sophisticated and timeless, the ‘Subway’ tile looks fantastic as a kitchen splashback and can be styled to suit a range of different design themes.  

3. Bright White

Some people may worry that a white kitchen is boring, but the truth is white kitchens create a classic look that never gets dated. The great thing about a white kitchen is actually how neutral it is – you can add in just about any artwork, appliance or accessory you want and never have to worry about it clashing.

This also makes it easy to change the look of a white kitchen over time, without ever having to remodel. 

4. Classic Tapware

Tapware is now available in more colours and styles than ever before, but some of these styles have already started to become less popular (the rose gold taps of 2018 spring to mind).

If you want a kitchen that will look as stylish in 10 years as it does today, then you can’t go past classic tapware with simple clean, lines.

7. Soft Grey Marble

Marble tends to cycle through kitchens every few years, often in the colour of the moment (black was the colour ‘du jour’ of the early 2000s).

But throughout the years soft grey marble has always been a popular look, whether it’s for a benchtop, a splashback or even just a chopping board. While genuine marble can be a little pricey, the same look can be achieved on a budget courtesy of a good quality laminate. 

8. Shaker Cabinets

Whether you’re going for a beachside bungalow, Hampton’s level elegance or a classic farmhouse look, shaker-style cabinets should be your ‘go-to’ choice for a kitchen cupboard.

With their recessed panel and simple hardware, shaker cupboards never seem to go out fashion. In fact, this look is continuously being upcycled as part of the next “big trend”.