How to Design a Luxury Bathroom

Imagine coming home after a long and stressful day at work to be greeted by your own luxury day spa. An elegant oasis where you can relax, let your tension drift away and enjoy feeling pampered. While the dream of having your own personal day spa may seem a little farfetched, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a luxurious bathroom or ensuite in your home. With the right design features, lighting and finishes, an experienced bathroom renovation team can turn your outdated or plain old boring bathroom into a luxury retreat. 

To design a luxury bathroom for your home, consider the following 7 possibilities: 

1. A technologically advanced showerhead

Customisation has been a big feature of bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast in 2021, and this extends to the choice of showerhead. In addition to choosing what colour (black, bronze, gold, silver, etc.) and what style of showerhead you want, you can now also opt for a technologically advanced showerhead with adjustable controls. This means you can adapt your shower settings to suit your mood, choosing between a powerful jet, soft rainfall or a cascading spray. 

2. Wise use of space

Nothing says luxury quite like a spacious bathroom. But the reality is, not all homes can accommodate an oversized bathroom. This is why it’s so important to make wise use of the available space. A minimalist bathroom design can help create the illusion of space, even in a small ensuite bathroom. Floating custom-made cabinets and open shelving are both excellent options for when you want to create a more expansive feel for your bathroom. 

3. Luxe tiling

You don’t have to use floor-to-ceiling marble to create a luxurious looking bathroom. While natural stone and textured tiles can add elegance to a bathroom, this doesn’t mean you can’t create an opulent finish using traditional ceramic tiles. One way to do this is by tiling on a diagonal line rather than the more common horizontal or vertical patterning that you see in most bathrooms. Tiles that extend all the way to the ceiling can also create a feeling of luxury in a bathroom, as they add more texture to an otherwise blank space.  

4. Fitting a double vanity

A double vanity combines luxury with practicality, making it an ideal choice for any high-end bathroom design. Not only does the double vanity provide additional storage space (which will minimise visible clutter), but it also creates a feeling of extravagance reminiscent of a 5-star hotel. Custom made cabinets paired with a double vanity will allow you to make the most of the space available. 

5. Choosing the right mirror

For optimal effect, choose an oversized mirror (stretching up to the ceiling, if possible) or one that has a bespoke design. A large mirror will help to make a bathroom look bigger than it really is and will allow for a greater distribution of natural light. By choosing an unusual design or by adding a dramatic frame luxury bathroom ideas, you can elevate an ordinary bathroom feature to an extraordinary level. 

6. Installing a freestanding bath

Nothing says bathroom luxury quite like a freestanding bathtub. In a room where space is always at a premium, a freestanding bath take centre stage, drawing the eye and creating the ultimate sense of indulgence. If you’re renovating a smaller bathroom and you just don’t have space for a freestanding tub, then consider a semi-freestanding design instead. Semi-freestanding bathtubs are installed tight up against a wall on one side but remain freestanding on the other three sides. This creates an illusion of being freestanding while fully utilising the limited space. 

7. Investing in underfloor heating

The quintessential luxury bathroom item, underfloor heating ensures you’ll never have to worry about cold bathroom tiles underfoot. An ideal substitute for the traditional bathroom heat lamp, underfloor heating can be energy efficient and allows you to control the temperature via an adjustable thermostat. 

For more luxury design ideas for your bathroom renovation in Brisbane or Gold Coast, book a free consultation with the experienced design team at McColl Cabinetmakers.