how to create a hamptons style kitchen

How to Design a Hamptons Style Kitchen

While kitchen design trends naturally evolve over time, there are some classic kitchen designs that remain timeless. A great example of this is the Hamptons style kitchen. “The Hamptons” refers to an exclusive coastal community on Long Island, New York, that has been home to the rich and famous for the past 200 years. The Hamptons style embodies the features that these coastal homes are now known for, a unique blend of high-end architecture and natural materials that work together to create timeless kitchens with an elegant yet relaxed feeling. 

Hamptons Style Kitchens

To emulate this classic kitchen design in your own home, talk to an experienced kitchen remodelling company about incorporating these 6 signature Hamptons elements:

1. Architecture

The traditional Hamptons style kitchen is easily recognisable for its bright open spaces and decorative architecture. This look can be achieved by creating pitched ceilings (ideally with exposed timber beams) and installing oversized windows that will flood the kitchen with natural sunlight. Try not to cram too much into the kitchen design, as you don’t want your Hamptons kitchen to feel cramped. And don’t forget to add decorative features such as ornamental moulding. 

2. Custom cabinetry design

One of the signature characteristics of a Hamptons style kitchen is the custom cabinetry design. Typically, the kitchen cabinets you’ll see in a Hamptons kitchen will feature a frame around the edges of each panel. This kind of traditional kitchen cabinet (often referred to as “shaker-style”) works well when paired with decorative handles, creating an elegant and eye-catching finish for your kitchen.

3. Colour palette

White is one of the dominant colours typically seen in a Hamptons kitchen. This is primarily because white kitchen cabinets and white painted walls are ideal for reflecting light. However, this doesn’t mean you should feel restricted from using any other colours. For anyone wanting to be a little more adventurous, opt for coastal-inspired colours such as pale sandy yellows or various shades of green or blue. Just make sure you keep the colours balanced with the rest of the design features. 

4. Natural benchtops

Most Hamptons style kitchens will include a benchtop made from a natural material, such as timber, marble or granite. Natural stone benchtops will typically cost more than a timber alternative but can be more durable and are ideal for homeowners wanting to achieve a timeless look for their kitchen (as this type of benchtop never goes out of style!). For a more organic look, timber benchtops can work well in a Hamptons kitchen, as the natural colouring of the timber can provide a nice contrast to neutral kitchen cabinets.  

5. Timber floors

Timber floors are another signature staple of the modern Hamptons style kitchen. The most popular choice is either a dark wood that will create real contrast with the cabinetry and walls or a pale, even whitewashed finish that will add to the coastal feel of the kitchen. Your choice of flooring can reflect your own personal style, so think about whether you’d prefer to emphasise the lighter or darker elements of your kitchen.  

6. Tiled splashbacks

The traditional features of a Hamptons style kitchen continue through to the splashbacks, with subway tiles a common choice. These small rectangular tiles (usually laid in a brick pattern) come in a range of colours, allowing for more personalisation. To create a Hamptons style splashback with a difference, you could instead opt for a herringbone pattern or choose a hexagon-shaped tile for a honeycomb finish.