Tips To Modernise Your Kitchen

Tips To Modernise Your Kitchen

How to design and modernise your kitchen

Every good kitchen deserves an upgrade every now and then. Especially when kitchens are often a centrepiece of the household, and somewhere we spend most of our time.
If your kitchen was built a long time ago, chances are it’s no longer suited to the modern household. So what is Modernise Kitchen in 2020?
Simple subtle changes can make all the difference if you’re in the mood to modernise and redesign your kitchen.

1. Know the trends

When it comes to being ‘modern’ or ‘contemporary’ you’ll want to keep things minimal. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage, it just needs to look simple from an outside eye. Think sleek, minimalistic and elegant. Combining functionality with artistic flair.

This year, natural earthy textures in the form of timber, ceramics, rattan and glass are a popular look to adopt. Wooden wall panelling, timber shutters, and handcrafted objects are all simple ways to reflect this trend. Or add open shelving, sourcing timber planks that are easily attached to a wall.

2. Make Your Benchtop the Star

Your benchtops can be the hero of your kitchen so why not make them shine. Not just with the style you choose but also the design. When redesigning a kitchen think about ways your benchtops can work to create more space for you. For example, a simple extension can create a breakfast bar.

3. Open up your shelving

Shelving doesn’t have to be traditionally closed off. Modern kitchens are all about opening up space so why not create some open shelves. Open shelves can act like the decor in your kitchen and give it some minimalist character.

4. Splashback makeover

A tiled splashback is the most resilient finish to incorporate into your newly renovated kitchen. Not to mention the most eye-catching style-wise.
Tile choices can be anything from your basic white subway tiles to ones that create some artistic flair. There really is no limit on choice when it comes to your splashback, so why not make a bold statement.

5. Freshen up with paint

Once you’re finished the major essentials of a kitchen redesign, don’t underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do. If you’re going for the modern look, then look no further than the colour white. A white kitchen creates a minimal look and a cleaner aesthetic.

Also think about using any natural light to your advantage, to give your room a more spacious feel. This itself can assist in creating your modern look.

If the thought of tackling a renovation seems overwhelming, know you don’t have to do it alone. Our team are experts in the custom redesign and can walk you through  every step of the way.