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6 Reasons to visit a kitchen showroom first before renovating

Are you considering a kitchen renovation? If so, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the absolutely amazing range of choices out there! Instead of letting yourself get completely lost in all the possibilities, why not visit a kitchen showroom first and (literally) get your bearings? 

A web consultation simply cannot give you the tactile experience of having your dream kitchen — but a kitchen showroom could! From countertop options to kitchen cabinet finishes, there are many compelling reasons for visiting a showroom before deciding on any changes. 

Read on to discover six great reasons why paying a visit to kitchen showrooms should be part of your renovation planning process.

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Top 6 reasons to head over to our kitchen showroom before renovating

1. Know what’s trending

One of the best reasons to visit a kitchen showroom before embarking on any renovation projects is that it will give you a better idea of what styles, features and finishes are available. 

By going to a kitchen design showroom, you’ll be able to browse through various kitchen displays and get an up-close look at different cabinets, countertops, lighting fixtures, appliances and other components that come together to create a stylish and functional space. 

Not only will this help you gain a better understanding of the products that are out there but it can also provide plenty of design inspiration. 

2. Get invaluable advice from the pros

Visiting a kitchen showroom means you’ll have access to experienced professionals who really know their stuff when it comes to home renovation jobs. The knowledgeable staff there can offer expert advice on all aspects of your project – from selecting materials and finishes to developing creative storage solutions. 

Plus, they can answer any questions you might have so that you feel comfortable with your decisions throughout the entire process. 

3. Compare different products

Compare different products side by side (e.g., laminate cabinetry, painted cabinet finishes) when inside a kitchen showroom. This makes it easier for you to make an informed decision about the quality and value of each item. 

For instance, if benchtops are on your list then seeing them in person allows you to explore more bench top ideas, gauge thickness levels, and determine which edge profiles suit your needs best. 

You will be able to touch each surface type and see how light interacts with them in terms of shine or reflection, this helps ensure that your final selection will be one you’re happy with for years to come. 

4. Get a 3D model of your would-be kitchen

Many showrooms have 3D models of kitchens using different components that can be reconfigured quickly according to customer requirements. This lets customers visualise their dream kitchen before committing to any changes or purchases. 

A 3D model also allows you to catch any potential issues beforehand, such as lack of support or insufficient lighting. It gives contractors and other professionals an accurate representation of the kitchen design that they can use as a reference during the renovation process.

5. Access to discounts or special offers

Reaching out ahead provides another great advantage since many kitchen showrooms offer discounts or special packages. This might depend upon how far along in the planning phase customers are at the time contact is made.

In some cases, the staff at kitchen showrooms might be able to point you to the right direction when it comes to getting finance for your kitchen renovation. All these could save you money overall – something that’s always worth considering! 

6. Get custom kitchen design ideas

Kitchen showrooms often offer custom orders or unique products that are not available elsewhere. 

Instead of being limited to items stocked by home improvement stores or online retailers, you may find something special for your renovation that you wouldn’t be able to buy anywhere else. 

Our Ipswich cabinet makers can definitely accommodate your specific requirements for custom kitchen cabinetry, and anything else you might need for your kitchen. WE can also show you other renovation jobs we have had in the past so you can get a visual on the quality of the craftsmanship.

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At McColl, we pride ourselves in having multiple selections that include the latest colours, materials, hardware and accessories.  We can tailor your design to suit your needs whether it is a budget-conscious or high-end project.

Your project is extremely important to us. In order to give you our undivided attention we prefer to offer our clients private viewings of our showroom.  To ensure one of our design team will be available to help you, showroom appointments are by appointment only.