Where to Invest Your Money in a Kitchen Renovation

Where to Invest Your Money in a Kitchen Renovation

So you’ve decided to renovate your kitchen? What’s next? It’s time to plan.

The key to renovating your kitchen while keeping an eye on your budget is to plan the process and know where to splurge and where you can cut some costs. 

It might seem obvious, but there’s more to consider when it comes to spending your kitchen renovation money than you think. Ultimately YOU need to decide what aspects are important, but if you’re looking for inspiration on where to start, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are some of our tips to get you started:

  • Appliances

Be aware of how you are spending your appliance budget and consider how these appliances will work with your cabinetry design. Think about your cabinets, benchtops and other features you might want on your floor plan and ensure they all work together.

When it comes to saving costs on your appliances, think long term. Look for products that are energy-efficient, that have a sufficient warranty, and suit the overall style of your kitchen.

  • Benchtops

Benchtops are not only the statement piece in your kitchen but also the most used item, so it makes sense to look for quality here. Natural Granites, engineered quartz, porcelains, and laminates.

There are some great options of long-lasting benchtop products on the market, all of which suit different scenarios and levels of investment. It is very important to select a benchtop that suits your space and usage requirements.

  • Cabinetry 

When it comes to cabinetry it’s worth getting what you want. Don’t think that you have to simply stick with the design that was originally in your kitchen, to begin with.

Have a think about what currently frustrates you. Do you wish you had more drawers or a bigger pantry? With the amazing use of 3D technology available, the design of your dreams is easily within reach and within budget. 

  • Tiles

The size and pattern of your tiles can increase or decrease the cost dramatically. Choosing tiles that are easy to lay is the easiest way to save, but there are so many options available now that will allow you to be both practical and add a touch of style. 

  • Expert help

Don’t underestimate or rule out going to an expert for help. It may sound expensive, but in reality, it’s not. Plus experts have access to high-quality stockists that you wouldn’t be able to reach as an individual doing a DIY project.

So you’ll save more in the long run and the expert advice the ease of someone else project managing will be worth the investment. Be sure to check they’re licensed before you engage someone on your project. 

If you’re interested in seeing what’s involved in the renovation project, have a look at our renovation schedule here