Designing An Ideal Australian Kitchen

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How kitchen design ideas shaped up over the years

Have you ever browsed through a kitchen magazine and marvelled at the sheer idea of having free reins in designing your kitchen? Back in the day, kitchens were more rigid and one-dimensional. They were mostly used for cooking, maybe a bit of storage, and were typically small and cramped, with limited counter space and storage.

Kitchen design has certainly come a long way over the years. From the austere, all-white kitchens of the 1950s to the bright, colourful kitchen designs of today, there’s no doubt that kitchen ideas have evolved and changed with the times.

Gone are the days of dark, cramped kitchens; as new materials and technologies have become available, kitchen designers have been quick to incorporate them into their designs.

Modern kitchen ideas Australia: what they look like now

With the advent of technology, house kitchenware has become more sophisticated, and kitchens have become more like multipurpose rooms – often doubling as family rooms or home offices. And there’s been a big shift towards designing kitchens that are open-plan and airy, with lots of natural light.

This has led to a change in design priorities in kitchen renovations, with one of the most notable changes in kitchen design being the increasing popularity of open-plan kitchens.

A modern kitchen in Australia is designed to be open and spacious.

There is plenty of room to cook, eat, and socialise. It also features sleek and modern designs, with lots of bench and storage space, built-in appliances, and fixtures — more emphasis on things like kitchen cabinets, kitchen cupboards, benchtops and seating areas.

Open-plan kitchens merge seamlessly with the living area and allow cooks to interact more easily with their guests. They also make it easier to keep an eye on what’s going on in the rest of the house.
Another trend that’s gaining popularity is Australian kitchen design, which incorporates natural and sustainable materials that are as environmentally-friendly as possible. Some of the most popular natural materials include timber, stone, copper and marble.

In terms of kitchen design trends, there seems to be a move towards warmer, earthier tones. Black is also becoming increasingly popular as an accent colour. Kitchen designers are also starting to experiment more with textures, using things like reclaimed timber or exposed brickwork to add interest and warmth.

The importance of a kitchen triangle

The kitchen triangle is an important layout principle that ensures efficient workflow in the kitchen. It is created by drawing an imaginary line between the refrigerator, the sink, and the cooktop.

The kitchen triangle creates a flow for the cook. When the stove, refrigerator, and sink are placed in a triangular formation, it’s easy to move back and forth between them while cooking.

In an ideal Australian kitchen, the refrigerator should be placed against one wall with the sink on the opposite wall. The stovetop should be in the middle of the two walls. This setup allows for plenty of counter space on either side of the refrigerator and near the sink. Having this extra counter space come in handy when you’re working with multiple ingredients or tools simultaneously.

If you’re designing or renovating your kitchen with a modern Australian kitchen design in mind, make sure to orient your appliances so that they form a triangle. This will make your kitchen more functional and efficient.

Common kitchen layouts in an ideal Australian kitchen


An L-shaped kitchen is the most popular and practical kitchen layout for an Australian home. It is efficient, maximises storage and workspace, and provides easy access to all areas of the kitchen.

The L-shape allows one to work at the bench while facing the cooktop and oven, with plenty of storage within easy reach. Appliances can be easily installed at one end of the ‘L’ or along one wall, making it a great option for small kitchens.


A U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen layout in which the cabinets and appliances are arranged in a U-shape around a central work area. It features a central work space with cabinets and appliances on either side.

This type of kitchen allows for multiple people to work in the space at the same time, making it perfect for families or those who like to cook.


A galley kitchen layout is a kitchen layout in which the cabinets and appliances are installed along two walls that run parallel to each other. This layout is often seen in apartments and small homes, as it utilises space efficiently.

Single wall / Straight line

A single wall kitchen layout is a kitchen layout where the cabinets, appliances, and sink are all against one wall. The pros of this layout are that it’s very efficient because everything is within reach and there’s no need to walk across the kitchen to get to something.

The downside is that there’s not much counter space and storage can be limited and tricky for large families or people who cook a lot. You’ll need to be creative about where you put your pots and pans. One workaround is to install shelves or hooks on the backs of cabinet doors.


The G-shape kitchen layout is an extension of the U-shape kitchen that offers an extra run of cabinets often in the form of a peninsula. It is ideal for adding benchtop space and some privacy to the home chef as it tends to close the space between the kitchen and the living area.

Tips on designing your kitchen:

1. Start by thinking about how you’ll use the kitchen
2. Decide on a layout that works for you and your family
3. Consider the placement of appliances and cabinetry
4. Add touches of personality to make the kitchen your own
5. Make sure the space is functional and looks great
6. Don’t forget about accessories, new cabinets, and perhaps a new kitchen benchtop – they can really make a kitchen shine!

Do you need a kitchen island?

A kitchen island is a space in the kitchen with the right appliances, amenities, and texture to host a gathering. Here is what you need to determine to achieve an island bench perfect for your kitchen.

Function of the kitchen island’s function

Know the size and placement

Island bench seating


Choosing Your Kitchen Benchtop

Kitchen cabinets form the backbone of your kitchen. They’ll dictate your choice of colours and finishes, the location of appliances and what kind of overall style you’ll be able to achieve. Ready-made range of cheap kitchen cabinets often come with limited designs and sizes; whilst custom kitchen cabinets present you with:

Limitless Options

Custom kitchen cabinets give you greater control over the smallest of details. You can increase the height or width of a particular cabinet so that it lines up perfectly with an adjacent feature within the kitchen. You can also request for your cabinetmakers to fit the cabinets with customised design elements, such as uniquely sized soft close drawers instead of plain sized shelving.

Optimised Kitchen Storage

When it comes to storage, literally every centimetre is important. Bulk manufactured cheap kitchen cabinets will have you choose whatever options will best fit the space you have available, resulting in some wasted space.

With custom kitchen cabinets, you’ll find that every last bit of available space can be put to good use. Cabinets are designed to suit the size of your kitchen and come with a great range of added storage options, like sliding shelves, creative corner solutions and under-sink drawers.

High-quality Products

Cabinets of higher quality products can ensure that your newly renovated kitchen will successfully endure many years of daily wear and tear while still looking fantastic and operating in the way it was designed.

The experienced team at McColl Cabinetmakers have been crafting customised kitchen cabinets for nearly 30 years. We take extreme pride in our work, use the latest available technology and order only the finest materials for crafting our customised kitchen cabinets. As a result, you can expect a custom kitchen cabinet from McColl to be high quality and built to last.

Choosing Your Kitchen Benchtop

From natural stone benchtops, Caesarstone and laminate benchtops, to a timber benchtop or natural granite benchtops, the material you choose will impact the overall look of your kitchen space and what kitchen benchtop cost you will need to work into your budget.

Laminate Benchtop

Laminate benchtops are popular due to their low price point, varied design options and easy installation. Products like Laminex laminate are easy to clean, low maintenance, stain and scratch resistant and water repellent. Laminate benchtops have average costs ranging from $420-$780 per square metre.

Timber Benchtop

Timber finishes can add warmth and character when paired with “colder” materials such as glass and stainless steel in other parts of your kitchen. Price can vary widely depending on which timber you choose, from about $660 per square metre for bamboo to the more expensive hardwoods like Jarrah or Ironbark (ranging from $720-$2400).

Stainless Steel Benchtop

Stainless steel has long been used in commercial kitchens because it is durable, heat-resistant, versatile, and hygienic. At about $1200 per square metre, stainless steel kitchen benchtops cost considerably more initially, but are very hard-wearing and long-lasting, ensuring great value for money.

Engineered Stone Benchtop

Engineered stone is a more durable alternative to natural stone and is a very popular choice in kitchen renovations. Engineered stone is made using natural aggregates, like quartz, which has been mixed with resins. Supply costs start from around $720 per square metre and can reach up to around $2000 per square metre. The total cost will depend on the product, thickness and design chosen.

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