2023 Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out For

2023 kitchen design trends

2023 has finally dawned upon us; can you believe it? When planning a new or renovated kitchen, most people start by searching online for 2023 kitchen design trends on the internet. This can be a terrific source of kitchen design inspiration, providing you with ideas on colour, layout, style and finishes.

And while trends for modern kitchen designs will evolve over time, they’re typically not like fashion trends – in one season and out the next. You’ll notice that some kitchen finishes are considered ageless classics, with a little bit of time spent exploring the latest trends in kitchens in Australia.

Other on-trend design ideas, when carefully incorporated, can provide a modern twist that will continue to look fantastic for years to come.

Recap of the most popular kitchen designs Australia in 2022

Current kitchen trends in Australia focus on incorporating a mixture of classic and modern design elements, with functionality considered a key factor. Because of this, Brisbane kitchens are starting to include a lot of innovative features which not only look great, but that are also practical for frequent use.

2023 is set to be an exciting year for kitchen design trends in Australia. Homeowners and professional designers alike will be drawn to the latest innovations in form, function, and colour. Here are some of the top 2023 kitchen design trends that you should look out for.

2023 Kitchen Design Trends in Australia

The most popular kitchen designs in Australia in 2022 were centred on functionality and efficiency. Kitchens became more and more open-concept, with an emphasis on incorporating the living and dining areas into one unified space.

There was also a trend towards using innovative storage solutions and more natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal in the kitchen design.

Smart designer appliances gained more popularity, with homeowners increasingly wanting appliances that can be controlled remotely or through voice commands. There are a lot of 2022 kitchen design trends that we expect to carry over in 2023.

1. Benchtops that are easy to clean

Still on the top of our list is an easy to clean kitchen benchtop. In a post-COVID world, the ability to sanitise a surface has seemingly never been more important. This shows in recent kitchen renovations, with many opting for easy to clean kitchen finishes like stone benchtops.

Reconstituted stone benchtops look great and are a very cost-effective option and are available in an extensive range of styles. Most importantly, they’re easy to sanitise.

2. The use of marble tones

Marble is a classic, but the emphasis in 2023 is on affordable marble-look benchtops which feature bold patterning. This is because the naturally occurring veins found in marble create a really interesting contrast of texture.

A marble-toned benchtop paired with neutral kitchen cabinets adds a luxurious element to even the simplest of kitchen designs. The timeless appeal of a marble-toned surface is now more achievable, thanks to our incredible team of cabinetmakers at McColl.

3. Incorporating timber kitchen finishes

Timber can pair beautifully with a range of other natural finishes, particularly stone benchtops. Timber trend kitchens is currently gaining in popularity. This is partly because of the availability of high-grade timber laminate products such as Polytec’s Woodmatt Laminate range.

Polytec’s range of timber-look laminates features a subtle woodgrain finish that creates a realistic veneer for kitchen cabinets and benchtops. Polytec’s Woodmatt Laminates are scratch-resistant. They’re also hygienic, low maintenance and affordable.

4. Biophilia

For those who are biophilic (i.e., lovers of nature), 2023 is your year! Biophilic design principles are definitely gaining traction in the world of interior design for kitchen Australia.

One of the benefits of biophilic design is that it can help create a more harmonious and relaxed environment. People are increasingly interested in designs that connect them with nature, and biophilic design takes this idea a step further. And this is by incorporating natural elements into the very fabric of the building..

5. Opting for bold kitchen backsplash

Splashbacks can be viewed as the backdrop to any modern kitchen. They’re not front and centre, but they play a big part in setting the overall tone and style. A bold kitchen backsplash doesn’t necessarily mean a bright colour – the latest splashbacks are available in a range of materials and textures, including geometrically patterned tiles, polished mirrors and even industrial-looking metals such as steel or copper.

6. Custom kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets offer a high level of personalisation and flexibility. With custom cabinets, you can choose the size, shape, and style that best suits your needs and taste. You can also select the materials and finishes that best match your kitchen decor.

Custom kitchen cabinets are also a good investment, since they will last for many years with proper care. And if you ever decide to sell your home, Brisbane custom cabinets can add significant value to kitchen renovations.

7. Kitchen islands are here to stay

Each year we get more and more inquiries on kitchen island installations, and it is obvious why. Kitchen islands provide extra counter space and storage. They also add a touch of style to the kitchen. Islands include features such as a cooktop, a sink, or drawers and cabinets for storage. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, granite, or stainless steel.

Kitchen islands come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that will fit your needs and your kitchen’s layout.

8. Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage in kitchen design because they offer a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor living. With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy cooking your favorite meals outdoors while taking in the fresh air and beautiful views.

Plus, an outdoor kitchen can be a great entertainment space for friends and family. You can cook up a festive feast while everyone relaxes on the patio or around the fire pit. And when the party’s over, you can easily clean up with just a quick rinse from the hose.

9. Hidden refrigerators

People are looking for ways to save space and hidden refrigerators are one way to do that.

Most standard kitchen designs include a refrigerator that’s visible in the room. But with today’s design trends favouring open floor plans and smaller kitchens, there just isn’t enough room for a large refrigerator taking up space in the middle of the room. So designers are starting to incorporate hidden refrigerators into their designs. It’s done either by building them into the cabinetry, or by using smart designer appliances that look like cabinets but actually have a fridge inside them.

10. Hanging pendant lights

Pendant lights are one of the most popular current kitchen trends of 2023, and it’s easy to appreciate why. Pendant lights look fantastic when strategically chosen and are a cost-effective way to add a touch of glamour, whimsy or drama to any new or renovated kitchen. But pendant lights also serve a practical purpose, illuminating key workspaces (such as your main food prep area).

11. Using interesting finishes

When it comes to selecting your kitchen taps, you’ll soon discover that the options are far more varied than they used to be. Gone are the days where you were constrained to simple silver. Tapware is now readily available in colours such as gold, copper, brass, rose-gold and even black.

You’ll also have a choice between polished and matte finishes, allowing for a great amount of personal choice. Kitchen sinks are also now available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, so you can truly customise the aesthetic of your new kitchen.

12. Creating a curated space

A curated space is one that has been designed with a careful eye for display. This could include some open shelving where assorted cookbooks might be displayed, the inclusion of a favourite piece of artwork or even an exhibition of antique cutlery pieces.

The idea of a curated space is to create a kitchen that tells a story about the family that lives there. This trend allows for a high level of personalisation in the design, imagination and personal expression.

13. Warmer, more vibrant colours

Were you thinking about getting rid of your black kitchen? Been browsing catalogues of white kitchens? Well, both black and white kitchen styles are no longer in fashion.

You can mix neutral tones like greys and beiges together with warmer colours like reds, oranges, yellows, blues and greens this year. This adds personality while still allowing homeowners full control over their interior décor decisions. You might not want to commit to a single colour scheme forever!

14. Concealing appliances inside kitchen cabinetry

Appliances inside cabinetry have been around for the past 20 years or so, but they were originally seen as more of a luxury item. In 2023, with a growing appreciation for design ergonomics, appliances in cabinetry are becoming more common. Rather than having to bend right down just to place a spoon in the dishwasher or retrieve milk for a cup of coffee, you can instead opt for integrated dishwashers, pantries and fridges that open smoothly from under the bench. We consider these appliances as an innovative solution for those suffering from back or knee problems.

15. Curved kitchens

Get ready to say goodbye to sharp corners and straight lines in kitchens, because curves are taking center stage. 2023 is the year of ‘the curved kitchen’, with cabinets, islands, countertops and more coming together for a soft yet stylish look that may even make small spaces appear larger than life! If you want your space transformed from drab to fab this season or any other time soon – why not start by looking at ways you can get on board with this trend? It’s never too late (or early) for some graceful kitchen design revamp!

16. Adding some floating shelves

The popularity of floating shelves is undeniable. At last count, #floatingshelves has appeared in over 145,600 Instagram posts, mostly in new or renovated kitchens. Floating shelves are very versatile, and they create added storage space while also allowing for the display of much-loved decorative items. You can also place floating shelves in spots where there isn’t sufficient room for another cupboard.

17. Retro kitchen finishes

Design trends tend to circle back on themselves with time, so it’s no surprise that retro styles from 30 years ago are once again becoming popular. The key difference between a modern retro kitchen design and a 30-year-old kitchen is the inclusion of modern design features. So, you could opt for a modern kitchen layout with all the latest appliances but then incorporate some retro-inspired timber cabinetry.

18. Adding metallic touches

Metallic finishes in a kitchen look great and are usually quite hard-wearing, so it’s easy to see why they’ve become such a popular choice. Metallic touches could be used for large surfaces, such as kitchen splashbacks or benchtops. But more often metallic finishes are used to create subtle contrast – perhaps by adding a metallic light fitting, metallic handles or metal tapware.

19. Environment-conscious design

In 2023, eco-friendly kitchen design will be the hottest trend in modern kitchen renovation. Designers are making kitchen spaces that not only look sleek and stylish, but are also low-impact on the environment with materials that require less energy to produce.

Whether you’re redoing your kitchen or planning to build a new one, consider visualising an kitchen where each choice you make leads to a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family. Opt for responsibly sourced kitchen supplies and organic surface material made from sustainably harvested sources – it’s chic, stylish and won’t cost the planet!

20. Statement pieces

In 2023, statement pieces will be all the rage – from wall art to kitchen islands, quirky kitchen accessories to appliance finishes, kitchen design enthusiasts are sure to find something that stands out and expresses their personality better than ever before.

Statement pieces allow kitchen design lovers a chance to express themselves without worrying about compromising on functionality. No longer do kitchens just have to be practical – they can turn into creative works of art within their own right.

21. Smart partitions

Partitions allow your kitchen to seamlessly integrate different kitchen elements like kitchen appliances, kitchen benchtops and walls, creating a kitchen Ipswich that is both efficient and stylish – the perfect balance of form and function. With smart technology on the rise, having partitions that can move at the touch of a button will be immensely popular for giving homeowners more control over their kitchen setup.

Smart partitions also open up more kitchen design possibilities – so for those who fancy a bit of tech-driven kitchen customisation, smart partitions are definitely worth checking out! With 2023 just around the corner, now’s the time to start getting creative with your kitchen design ideas – including how you can incorporate some super trendy smart partitions.

22. Fitting “handle-less” kitchen cabinets

Last but not the least in our 2023 Kitchen Design Trends list is handle-less kitchen cabinets. The handle-less cabinet look has been popular for a few years now, but this is a kitchen design trend that shows no signs of diminishing. A handle-less kitchen cupboard emphasises the beauty of the cabinets themselves, without the distraction of decorative handles.

This makes handle-less cabinets perfect for sleek and streamlined kitchen designs. A true handle-less cupboard utilises a push-open mechanism, making them simple to use. For those that prefer not to use push-open cabinet technology, a similar look can be achieved by incorporating recessed handles.


One of the top choices for a timeless classic look is natural stone, such as marble or granite. These materials are highly durable, easy to clean and lend a classic elegance to any space. For a more contemporary feel, stainless steel has become increasingly popular for countertops and fixtures. It’s an extremely hygienic material, with a sleek modern finish that looks great in almost any design style. Wood countertops have also been gaining in popularity, as they add warmth and texture to the room while still being very low-maintenance

In Australia’s latest kitchen designs, you can expect to see lots of custom built cabinetry with plenty of storage options. The use of open shelving units is also becoming quite popular, creating an airy look while offering easy access to items stored inside the shelves. Furniture-style cabinetry has also been gaining ground in modern kitchens; these pieces blend in seamlessly with other furniture pieces whilst providing plenty of additional storage space without being too bulky or overwhelming

Accenting your classic cabinets and benchtop with contemporary statement pieces such as designer light fixtures or bold tiling will add interest and flair without detracting from the overall look. Incorporating tactile elements such as natural timber handles can also help give the space a more modern feel while still remaining timelessly stylish.

When choosing finishes for your new kitchen it’s important to select materials that will last and look good over time. This includes high-quality laminate surfaces or real wood veneers. Natural stone such as marble or granite can add an extra touch of luxury while stainless steel can provide a sleek contemporary look. For tiles you could opt for large format styles or mix different sizes together to create an eye-catching pattern. Don’t forget to include quality lighting fixtures throughout the space too!

When planning out your dream kitchen there are several things you should keep in mind; consider how you want the space to function, think about how you want it to look aesthetically pleasing but also practicality-wise. What do you need from storage solutions? Additionally, don’t forget key details like plumbing/electrical points, and outlets as well as ventilation systems.

Lastly, if budget allows, think about incorporating complimentary pieces such as artwork or plants which will add character and personality.

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So there you have it: 2023 kitchen design trends to watch out for! If you want to give your kitchen a modern edge, consider adding some of these trendier elements into your design scheme – but remember that not all trends are here to stay!

If you’d like more information on designing your dream kitchen (or any other room in your home), our team at McColl Cabinet Makers can help. Visit one of our showrooms today and see how we can bring your vision to life!

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