Best Home Renovation Tips For Maximum Resale Value

Best Home Renovation Tips For Maximum Resale Value

Top Tips to Maximize Your Resale Value

Whether it’s just one room or an entire house, we know the best home renovation can be a big investment, so you’ll want to be confident that the changes you make are going to pay off when it comes time to sell.

One thing we do know is that kitchens and bathrooms are well worth the investment, particularly if you’re living in an older style house here in Queensland. They can more than double your initial investment.

Read the below-mentioned tips about what you should renovate or you may get in touch with McColl Cabinetmakers- leading remodeling company in Queensland, their remodeling experts will help you out to increase your resale value. 

1. Open plan living

Open plan living is all the rage now. Removing a wall or two to open up the spaces between your kitchen, dining, and living room can make a world of difference.

By opening up smaller spaces you can make your home appear much larger. In many cases, this can have a huge resale benefit with minimal additional outlay.

2. Neutral kitchens with quality products

Kitchens are by far one of the first things a new home buyer will look at. They’ll want to know that what they are purchasing won’t require ongoing maintenance in the future. This is why it’s important to look for quality products when it comes to cabinetry and appliances.

Keeping the kitchen neutral also appeals to a high majority of buyers, allowing them to come in and put their own touch of style through decorating. This style of the kitchen can also be easily and affordably staged during the sale process.

3. Simple bathrooms go a long way

Keeping your bathroom modern and simple will ensure that the style you choose won’t go out of fashion in a flash. Sticking with classic, neutral finishes like white subway tiles and grey concrete or marble floors ensures an elegance that won’t date. Making an unusual bathroom choice or placement of design features may suit your current circumstances but might not suit the next buyer. 

4. Think long term for flooring

Top designers are warning against wall-to-wall carpet when it comes to resale value. This is mainly due to its ability to keep clean in the long-term.

Many people, particularly in the warmer states like Queensland are turning to wood flooring or tiled living areas for its hardiness and cleanliness. Choosing the right flooring can make or break a renovation and have an enormous effect on resale value.

If you’re unsure where to start, visit our showroom for some inspirational ideas.