how to design a bathroom

5 Key Things to Remember When Designing a Bathroom

Designing a bathroom can be a lot of fun, but there is also a lot to keep in mind if this is your first time tackling a renovation.  We’ve put together a list of things you might want to remember when designing a new bathroom from scratch or even just updating your existing space.

How to Design a Bathroom?

Here we’ve highlighted five considerations to keep in mind when designing a bathroom.

1. Take time to think about the layout

A well-designed bathroom should not only look good but also be functional too. Have a think about your bathroom routine and how you use the space.  Do you need a bath? Do you want more space for a larger double vanity instead? Also, think about where your current plumbing outlets are as well.

These are all able to be moved, so you aren’t restricted to keeping the same design that you’ve always had. Just remember though, the more you move things like pipes and electrical sockets, the more you may need in your budget. 

2. Use your space wisely

With the right design of designing a bathroom layout, even the smallest of bathrooms can look larger and be extremely functional. Make sure you use every corner of spare space you have and opt for modern space-saving designs.

Things like floating vanities can help spaces appear larger and may allow for more floor space, or larger mirrors with thin framing or frameless can help create an illusion of more space. Sometimes taking your tiling to the ceiling rather than traditionally halfway can make the bathroom feel more open and luxurious. 

3. Light it up

Lighting can make or break a design. It also has the ability to set the entire mood for your bathroom. Try to use as much natural lighting as possible when designing your bathroom and think about where you want bright lights and where a warmer tone might work better.

Generally, you’ll want something bright over your variety, but then you might consider a warmer light over the bath. Pendant lighting seems to be a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, so use this feature to set the style and tone of the room. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with downlights, particularly if you add a dimmer switch to them. 

4. Consistent home design features

It’s a great idea to continue some of your style that is situated in other areas of your home into your bathroom. For example, perhaps a statement tile from your kitchen can make a nice feature in your bathroom too. Or continue that industrial style benchtop with similar colours and tones in your vanity.

You can also use similar shapes, colours and features from handles and fixtures consistently, such as if your tap ware is square style then keep the square style going for railings and handles. 

5. You can never have too much storage

Keeping a bathroom organised is a necessity, which is why we think you can never have too much storage. There is nothing like a messy vanity top to make your bathroom feel cluttered and dull. You could utilise ideas such as stacked floating shelves, vertical shelving or mirrored slimline shaving cabinets.

If space is still an issue think about storing towels in another area of the home such as your linen cupboard or laundry so that excess items aren’t hanging around the ruin the zen of the room.

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