Tips to Make Sure You Have a Care-Free Renovation

4 Tips to Make Sure You Have a Care-Free Renovation

The decision to renovate your home is usually an exciting one. But the reality of a home renovation is that it will cause a certain amount of disruption to your usual routine. For some people, this can be a little stressful. And that stress has the potential to balloon into full-blown anxiety if things don’t go exactly according to plan. But the good news is this doesn’t have to be the case. 

A renovation can still be an enjoyable process, even if things don’t play out exactly as you’d imagined. The key to achieving a stress-free renovation is to manage your expectations, have contingency plans in place and work with a skilled home, bathroom or kitchen remodeling company. After 25+ years as a remodeling company in Queensland, the team at McColl Cabinetmakers have learnt a thing or two about managing a renovation in a way that will minimise undue stress.

So, we’ve put together our top 4 tips to make sure you have a care-free renovation: 

1. Start with a realistic budget

One of the biggest causes of stress during a home renovation is when you start to see your budget blow out. This is why every renovation project should begin with a realistic budget. Your budget needs to be well researched and should include an allowance (aim for 10% of the total cost) to cover any unexpected costs (such as the discovery of concealed asbestos during the demolition phase). If you’re unsure how much you should allow in your budget, then talk to an experienced home, kitchen or bathroom renovation specialist in Ipswich about your renovation plans. 

2. Don’t be caught off guard by delays

Renovations almost always encounter delays of some kind, no matter how diligent you may have been in calculating delivery times and contractor schedules. A shipment of tiles that you thought were in stock could be unexpectedly postponed. The preliminary plumbing works may take an additional half-day thanks to the discovery of a leaking pipe. Your choice of custom cabinetry may take longer to produce than the stock standard available in store.

Expecting minor hold-ups will help to minimise stress when these delays inevitably occur. To further reduce your chances of renovation-induced anxiety, engage the services of a bathroom or kitchen remodeling company that also offer project management services. This means you’ll have a professional keeping the work on schedule, and any changes to that timeline will be their problem…not yours!  

3. Expect some mess

Renovations are messy, particularly during the initial demolition phase. While a meticulous kitchen or bathroom renovation specialist in Ipswich will clean up after themselves throughout the project (removing rubbish and vacuuming up excessive dust), the reality is you’ll still likely find some timber shavings or plaster dust creeping into adjacent rooms.

To make life easier, start by removing items from areas in or near the construction zone (as this will save you from having to clean them once the renovation is complete). Wrap furniture in protective plastic and cover the path from the point of entry to the work zone with old carpet or drop sheets (make sure these are secured in place so they don’t create a trip hazard). This will make it much easier for you to keep things reasonably tidy throughout the renovation process.  

4. Work with an expert remodeling company

The easiest way to minimise stress during a renovation is by engaging the services of an expert home remodeling company in Queensland. Nothing eliminates renovation anxiety quite like knowing you’re in good hands and you can trust them to get on with the necessary work. To ensure you’re working with the best, look for a company with excellent reviews and an established reputation.

At McColl Cabinetmakers, we offer customers a care free renovation, free customized quotes, a transparent process and expert design assistance (including 3D renderings of the proposed project). In addition to being fully licensed and insured, we also provide full project management and a completed workmanship warranty. So, you can sit back, relax and look forward to your completed renovation project.