3 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Might Not Have Thought About

3 Kitchen Storage Solutions You Might Not Have Thought About

What’s the one room in the house you spend most time? If you didn’t answer your kitchen then, you’re one of the very few people, because the kitchen is often considered the heart of the home.

When it comes to redesigning your kitchen space, the key points to consider are design, good workflows, functionality, and the most important thing is an expert kitchen remodeling company that can bring your dream kitchen to life.

Functionality is all about the storage solutions. Too little space and things become very cramped very quickly and too much poorly designed space can become unusable.

While your storage space needs will depend on your lifestyle, there are so many innovative solutions these days that will get you thinking about your kitchen design in a totally new way. 

There are solutions you’ve only ever dreamt of. And with our 3D design and manufacturing technology available at McColl Cabinetmakers#1 kitchen remodeling company, your ideas and our attention to detail are only limited to the imagination. 

We love the accessibility and tailored designs of one of our amazing suppliers at Blum, So thought we’d share some of the storage solutions that we can customize into your next kitchen renovation – ones we bet you’ve never even thought of before.

Here are Kitchen Storage Ideas to make the most of your available space and keep everything neat and organized.

1. Integrated bin systems

Bin drawers can be seamlessly built into your kitchen cabinetry. When your bin is placed in the perfect position it can create less hassle walking from one side of the kitchen to the other.

We find that wherever possible, the bin should be easily accessed from the preparation zone and also close to the dishwasher.

This helps with keeping the kitchen nice & clean and making the after-dinner cleanup much easier. There is a huge array of bin sizes and combinations available to suit almost any requirement.

2. Under-sink drawers

Create unexpected space with a U-shaped pull out that comes out from under your sink space. This helps to keep the benchtops free of clutter and ensures that sponges and washing up liquid are quick to hand.

With this you can forget about all that unusable under sink space you’re used to in a traditional kitchen.

3. Corner drawers

Who said drawers have to be square? You can make use of corner space with a corner drawer. Use this for anything from cutlery, knives, pots & Pans, and odds and ends.

Check them out here: https://www.blum.com/au/en/ideas/cabinet-solutions-6grid/space-corner-provisions/