kitchen trends 2021 australia

2021 Kitchen Design Forecast: Kitchen Design Trends You Must Have

When it comes to designing your kitchen, some things never go out of fashion. But there are some new emerging Kitchen Design trends in 2021 that you’ll want to take note of, particularly if you’re thinking of starting the new year with an exciting kitchen renovation

Kitchen Trends 2021 Australia

Polytec’s Woodmatt Laminate

This is our top kitchen Design must-have for 2021. Polytec’s Woodmatt Laminate is low maintenance, hygienic, and stain and scratch-resistant. It’s also the most cost-effective way to introduce natural, warm tones to your kitchen through subtle woodgrain embossed matt surfaces and the realism of veneer. Mixing in timber finishes and solid colors will be an increasingly popular trend in 2021.

Easy to clean benchtops

After what we all experienced in 2020, it’s no surprise that people are turning to easy to clean and hygienic benchtop surfaces. Laminate benchtops are a cost-effective way to achieve this and it also has the widest range of colours and designs that imitate more expensive materials such as timber, stone and even concrete.

Laminate is resistant to staining and easy to keep clean but is more susceptible to scratching and scorching so always use a cutting board and be careful with hot pots and pans.

Pendant lighting

For that visual impact think about incorporating pendant lighting into your design. Pendant lighting is not only practical but is the best way to add visual drama to your kitchen. 

Going dark

Kitchens across the nation will be turning to the dark side in 2021. Using black in your kitchen is going to create some great features whether it’s your cabinetry or benchtops. You can use it as an independent element or part of the overall design. 

Wow factor splashbacks

Much like doors and drawers, splashbacks heavily contribute to the overall look and feel of a kitchen. Whilst last year’s splashback trend saw an emphasis on the use of luxe materials like marble, 2021 kitchen splashbacks make a bigger and bolder statement with unique textured materials, geometric patterns, mirrors and even steel.