Bathroom Standards Australia

Bathroom Standards Australia: What is the perfect size bathroom for your home?

Designing the perfect bathroom is a thoughtful process that needs a lot of careful planning. Other than its practical purposes, people use the bathroom to chill and relax after a long day of work. That said, the bathroom standards Australia in terms of size is an important detail to consider when building or renovating your bathroom. 

It will determine how much storage space you can have for bathroom stuff and how much functionality you can have in your bathroom.

Standard Bathroom Size Australia

Getting your dimensions right is crucial as it allows you enough space to move around and clean your bathroom. The minimum bathroom size building regulations Australia measures 140cm x 95cm in a rectangular floor plan and 120cm x 120cm on a square floor plan. This only includes a toilet and a basin, and it has different allowances per state.

An average bathroom size Australia includes a toilet, vanity, cabinetry, and shower. It measures 3m x 2m in size. A regular bathroom is 3.5m x 2.5m, and a huge one measures 4m x 5m in size.

Below are standard bathroom dimensions Australia:

  • Toilet: The ideal space for a toilet would be 1200mm x 750mm x1500mm (length x width x height) for ease of movement. The preferred width is 900mm.
  • Vanity: Allow at least 100m-200m space between your shower screen and vanity. Ensure your door swings open without your vanity obstructing it. 
  • Shower: Minimum space for an enclosed shower is 900mm x 900mm.
  • Towel rails: They are normally placed 900mm above the floor. 

How to make your small bathroom look bigger

When thinking about bathroom renovation standards, a small bathroom can instantly look bigger when you incorporate proper lighting, plain tile patterns, light colours, and large mirrors into it. 

It is best to focus on functionality when designing a small bathroom. That way, you can avoid visual clutter, maximise walls for vertical storage solutions like wall-mounted cabinets, and clean easier. 

You can paint your walls and floors a uniform colour as well to create the effect of a larger room.

What should your bathroom look like

Your bathroom layout will largely depend on your bathroom size Australia and your budget. At the very least, it must have enough space for individual functions like the toilet, basin, and shower.

Your bathroom should also be easily accessible and ideally getting enough natural light to make the space less claustrophobic. 

For a more appealing layout, it makes more sense to make your vanity and mirror be the first focal point upon opening your bathroom door rather than having your toilet in the line of vision.

Check this article out if you want more modern ideas on bath installation Australian standards. 

What to consider when renovating a bathroom

Here are key questions to ask yourself when deciding the layout of your bathroom:

  • Who’s going to use this bathroom now and in the near future? Is it going to be just you, or do you have other people to consider like your partner, kids, and the elderly?
  • Is it possible for more than one person to use this bathroom at the same time?
  • What activities are you or the other people in your house most likely going to do in the bathroom? This will help you pick what accessories and equipment to put inside.
  • What items do you want to store inside this bathroom?

Work with a trusted renovator to follow bathroom standards Australia

Planned-out spacing is key to a great bathroom. To make your dream bathroom come to life, evaluate your needs and get an efficient floor plan for it.

If you’d like assistance with bathroom renovation Australian standards, contact the experienced design team at McColl Cabinetmakers today to arrange for a free consultation.